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Set against a breathtaking backdrop of the mountains near Pai, 180 Sanctuary offers the premier anxiety retreat centre in Thailand. Our secluded and peaceful retreat provides the perfect place to be away from stressors which contribute to anxiety. Our approach is to treat the whole-person by allowing our dedicated clinical therapists and coaching team to create a personalised plan of care, assess your progress, and ensure all your needs are met or exceeded throughout your stay.

Why Anxiety Treatment?

Occasional anxiety is a normal response to stress in everyday life. However, anxiety stays longer than normal in our daily life and it causes us distress.

Anxiety disorder occurs when you experience persistent/chronic intense fear or worry that interrupts your ability to function normally on a daily basis. Everyday activities like going to work or meeting friends can become nightmarish ordeals.

If untreated over time, anxiety disorder not only affects your quality of life but create other mental health problems like depression, panic attacks — or serious physical illnesses from respiratory problems to cardiac arrest. Anxiety disorder can also increase the risk of substance abuse and may even lead to suicide. Understanding and managing anxiety is crucial, to prevent the development of more severe physical and mental health conditions.

At 180 Sanctuary, our holistic programme, and personalised treatment plan will ensure we address the source and triggers of your anxiety.

180 Sanctuary Anxiety Treatment Programme

There is no “one size fits all” treatment for anxiety, so our treatment programme utilises both classical and experiential therapeutic methods.

With this personalised programme, our expert support team will offer you 24/7 support throughout your residential treatment, to help you recognise triggers and control your emotions, develop confidence and positivity, ensure your comfort, and re-discover your inner peace. Our continuing aftercare support team/therapist will continue to work with you post-treatment through our exclusive aftercare support our 1-Degree-of-Change™ to ensure you to have a solid foundation of recovery and the ability to live an anxiety-free and bountiful life.

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