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At 180 Sanctuary, Thailand’s premier integrative trauma-informed rehab and wellness retreat, our evidence-based mental wellness treatment programme includes a unique mindfulness training and certification course that is designed to help you to become more aware of your thoughts, be fully present, and to become more attuned to your bodily sensations instead of being overly reactive to what is going on around you. With our dedicated team of trained therapists and certified coaching staff, in the perfect location of our secluded luxury wellness centre amidst serene greenery of Pai’s mountains, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand, there is no better place for you to engage in mindfulness training. Mindfulness can help you to develop deeper insights into your emotions and to truly comprehend how to manage them; thus, guiding you to rediscover the inner peace you’re longing for

180 Sanctuary’s Mindfulness Training & Certification Course

While undergoing your treatment for mental wellness at 180 Sanctuary rehab and wellness retreat centre, we also provide the practice of mindfulness training course for you. Mindfulness practice is highly recommended as a complementary therapy if you suffer from mental illness and looking to improve both your physical and mental wellness. Mindfulness may be widely misunderstood as a religious enactment, but the good news is that you do not need to be religious or spiritual to practise mindfulness. Imagine mindfulness as a mental exercise that focuses on the present moment, including the use of techniques like meditation, breathing, and yoga. Our team of certified coaching staffs will always be with you to coach you through our unique and innovative mindfulness training course, thus ensuring you are equipped with the skillsets and foundation to in addition manage your own mental health and physical well-being even after you complete the treatment. In addition, as we know that learning how to heal others suffering from the same mental issues is a blessing, we also provide mindfulness certification and coaching courses where you can learn through self-directed practice at home and equip yourself with necessary skills to help others in need.

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