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At 180 Sanctuary, Thailand’s premier integrative trauma-informed rehab and wellness retreat, our mindfulness programme and coaching programme will fully equip you with the necessary skill sets to manage any triggers or struggles in your daily life. Our world-class facility is situated in the lush natural environment of Pai’s mountains in Mae Hong Son Province, providing you the perfect location to learn and practice mindfulness. Our residential luxury rehab and wellness retreat is staffed by certified teams of therapists to attend to all your needs during your programme with us. If you are looking to learn and practice mindfulness, we provide one of Thailand’s best mindfulness programmes.

Benefits & Results of Mindfulness Programme

Our innovative mindfulness programme and coaching programme focuses on helping you to awaken your mental, physical, and emotional processes. As being fully in the present is the key to mindfulness practice, you will also learn practical skills for your daily life.

This everyday functioning is easier said than done, as the nature of our minds is to be active at all times. It takes practice and training to fully comprehend your consciousness. Mindfulness requires daily practice. 180 Sanctuary’s unique mindfulness programme focuses on improving your mental well-being and will also enhance your physical health, increasing your level of happiness, developing your patience, as well as reducing your stress levels, and other emotional issues. Upon completion of our mindfulness programme, you will be equipped with a set of skills needed to deal with your former struggles and to help you improve the positive outlook of your life.

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