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Thailand’s Wellness Retreat with NLP Training & Certification



180 Sanctuary is the only integrative trauma-informed rehab and wellness retreat in Thailand that includes Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) training and certification course as part of our treatment programme. You will heal and learn in our secluded luxury facility situated amidst lush nature of Pai’s mountains in Mae Hong Son Province northern Thailand.

Our dedicated team of world-class professionals have adopted these NLP techniques to help you become equipped with the skill sets and ability to manage your emotions, increase your emotional intelligence, and improve your mental wellness in order to deal with day to day functioning and occasional challenges. Upon completing our NLP training course, you will receive a Practitioner Level certification from the American Board of NLP (ABNLP). This will enable you to help others suffering from mental health issues too.

180 Sanctuary’s NLP Training Course

180 Sanctuary not only provides an innovative and effective treatment to help you recover from your trauma or mental issues, we also help you learn how to control your emotions; you’re your reactions towards them. Our NLP Training and Certification course equips you with the NLP skill sets and foundations needed to manage a broader range of negative mental responses. We understand that it is no easy task to master emotional control of yourself, which is why we provide you with our specially designed NLP training course to help you learn the right techniques. Our NLP training course uses proven Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to help you discover and take control over the root cause of your negative emotions.

It is well documented that NLP is an effective way of transforming individuals’ physical and mental reactions to achieve certain desirable outcomes. Our NLP course combines techniques made famous since 1970s to treat mental health disorders and improve mental wellness.

The ultimate goal is to help you regain emotional control and become the best version of yourself!

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