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Welcome to 180 Sanctuary, one of the very few mental wellness retreat centres in Thailand that offers sound healing therapy and training. Here you will find no better place to practice sound healing therapy, as our facility is situated in a tranquil and secluded location amidst the lush greenery of Pai’s scenic mountains in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. While some people may consider sound healing therapy as a “new-age” wellness approach, it is in fact one of the oldest therapy techniques and has been practiced both since the days of the ancient Greeks in which they used music to heal mental disorders and also in Tibet where it has been used for healing for several generations. Nowadays, there are many types of sound healing therapy, but all offer the same benefit of improving your emotions, well-being, morale, and even work performance.

At our sound healing therapy and training, you will be able to choose among various techniques to try, which will help you to decide what form of sound healing therapy works best and meets your needs.

Benefits & Results of Sound Healing Therapy

180 Sanctuary’s sound healing therapy and training programme is guaranteed to be unique as our founder, Tony Tan, who is a highly-experienced sound healing trainer who has gone to India and Rishikesh to train for 2 months intensively to master this art of sound healing therapy.

Sound healing therapy comes in many practices and forms, but essentially it is a treatment that involves the use of sound vibrations that alter your brain waves to relax your mind and body. The sound vibration can promote circulation, energy flow, and physical rejuvenation while it traverses through your body. As the human body mainly consists of water, this means our physical body itself acts as an effective conductor and transmitter for sound vibration.

Sound healing therapy techniques have myriad benefits such as reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow, improving self-relaxation, increasing mental and emotional clarity, helping with insomnia and other sleep issues, stimulating the immune system, and promoting overall physical wellness for you to create the healthy life you deserve.

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