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Thailand’s Wellness Retreat with Holistic Wellness Coach Training



At 180 Sanctuary, Thailand’s premier integrative trauma-informed rehab and wellness retreat, we recognised that being healthy is not only necessary for the body but also for the mind. We are proud to launch a Holistic Wellness Coaching Training to equip our clients with skillset for achieving greater things in their lives. People are seeking the support of Health & Wellness Coaches now more than ever. Overall, we have a greater understanding of what health & wellness really means and how it impacts our lives. especially during this pandemic. Our health is more than our physical appearance, true health & wellness goes beyond the scale and how we look.

Our well-being comes from a much deeper, and holistic experience of how we feel in our bodies and live each day. Holistic Wellness Coaching examines not only the food we eat and the movement we engage in, but also considers our relationship with ourselves and others, how our mental and emotional state affects our health and what truly motivates us to live a healthy life and perhaps even inspire those around us.

Many of us set health & wellness goals every year. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a response to some not so great news from the doctor, we tend to want to do better. Our health impacts every area of our life, but when it comes to changing old habits or improving our emotional well-being, making changes is not always easy to do. Having the skills and understanding you need to reach your holistic health goals can make a big difference, and that is what this programme can help you achieve!

180 Sanctuary’s Holistic Wellness Coach Training & Certification Course

Becoming a holistic wellness coach means that you serve as a guide for yourself and others as they begin their wellness journey. As opposed to health coaching, which is limited to physical health, Holistic Wellness Coaching Training provides knowledge, support, and accountability to help individuals reach their goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. It’s an exciting time to get started in this field! Health & wellness coaching is a growing trend in today’s society. All of these are strong reasons to get started on a new learning opportunity, training as a Holistic Wellness Coach. If you like helping people to make changes that positively impact their health, consider our Holistic Wellness Coach Training.

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