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“Floating Therapy” is the deepest level of relaxation you will likely ever have. Floating simply refers to climbing inside one of our state-of-the-art floatation chambers and enjoying total peace and tranquility while free from all disturbances from the outside world. Floatation chambers, or ‘float tanks / float rooms’ are soundproof, lightproof, gravity free environments designed to give your mind and body a state of blissful rest that cannot be replicated or achieved anywhere else on Earth! Inside these futuristic feeling bathtubs is roughly ten inches of Epsom salt water. You will float effortlessly on the surface of this dense salt-water mixture, which is comprised solely of the mineral compound Magnesium Sulfate. This medical grade salt is extremely detoxifying and therapeutic when absorbed through your skin. The water is kept at skin temperature through computer programming and while resting on its surface you will be completely free from the downward forces of gravity. Your body will be free of all muscle tension; no pressure points will be activated along its entirety. You simply lay on a pillow of water while exerting no energy, like an astronaut floating in space.

The water inside each tank is commercially cleaned and sterilize completely through a filtration process that cycles the water three full times between customers. With the door to the float tank closed, your senses of sight and sound will be free from disturbance. Combine that with the embryonic feeling of the temperature neutrality, the complete absence of gravity, and you’re able to enter into a powerfully calm state of mind.

Benefits of Floating
The absorption of Magnesium Sulfate:

  • Floating has a long list of health benefits, but one of the scientifically proven and sizable health rewards comes from the restorative properties associated with the mineral salt. The salt used in the tanks is a medical grade ‘Epsom Salt’ that is comprised solely of a therapeutic mineral compound called Magnesium Sulfate. Benefits of absorbing Epsom Salt range from the reducing of inflammation to assisting muscle and nerve function; in fact magnesium sulfate is the catalyst for regulating more than 300 enzymes in our bodies making it a master antioxidant. It’s role in regulating blood pressure and preventing the hardening of arteries  and cardiovascular disease and ultimately heart failure. It helps to regulate the body’s production of insulin, which can alter the course of disease for diabetics. The beautification of hair and skin is a lovely side effect as well!


Isolating your senses from external stimulation

  • The float tank is one place where the mind is free from thinking about temperature resulting in unlocking the brain’s potential to focus elsewhere. But that is not the only sensation the mind is free from when we float. There are several other senses that will get a rest inside the peaceful solitude of the Float Tank.


Calming the ancient ‘Flight or Fight’ response systems built deep within us:

  • Our brain has a built in safety system, tied directly to the production and releasing of these brain chemicals and it is set to respond whenever it perceives a dangerous situation. This is commonly known as the ‘Flight or Fight’ response and it’s hardwired straight to our brain’s chemical dispensary system responsible for ‘those feelings’ we get in almost every uncomfortable situation. Floating can help regulate these neurochemicals in our brain by giving our senses a break and ceasing the production of stress hormones that cause anxiety. As we isolating our senses inside the dark, the gravity free, and embryonic environment of the tank causes our sight and hearing a vivid acuity when we emerge after our float. Floating helps you find a much deeper appreciation of the world around you!


Unlocking the full potential of our brain

  • The problem in modern times is that our ‘flight or fight’ systems are being triggered constantly due to living in our hectic and overcrowded cities; the list goes on and on. Humans now experience a form of chronic, and unabated stress. Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are increasing our blood pressure, preventing us from focusing on detail-orientated tasks and tensing our muscles among hundreds of other negative physiological impacts to our bodies. Floating will give your brain a break and relax the internal response systems that are being triggered like faulty car alarms in these modern times. When given a rest from performing the tasks of processing external information, we free our minds to harness their beautiful abilities on things such as self-awareness, higher consciousness and healing. Floating enables our brains to focus on helping our mind-body connection thanks to the break it receives from its atomized daily responsibilities. It is safe to say you have never given your brain the gift of this much freedom and the results of a calm and focused mind are beyond fascinating.


Natural pain relief and emotional stability free from pharmaceuticals:

  • The results of allowing our mind to rest, beyond just limiting the production of stress related hormones, is the ability to increase the production of our body’s natural painkillers known as endorphins. These natural opiates have many roles to play; however, specific to floating, they serve two major functions for us. One, they cause a general state of calm and an overall feeling of well-being. They make you feel good! Two, they relieve pain. If you are feeling a bit down, or prone to negativity, floating should help you feel more positive and happier. Floating can bring you immediate and quantifiable relief.


The deeply calming Theta State brain wave activity and the synchronization of brain hemispheres:

  • Floating will also enable you to enter into a slower brain wave rhythm called the Theta State brain waves; a lower frequency associated with deep meditative states and enhanced right brain hemisphere functionality. The harmonising of your brain hemispheres directly increases creativity as our dominant left brains are usually occupying most of our attention on analytical details, whereas the right side’s more sensitive emotional aspects can be dwarfed and simply overpowered. Floating will synchronise our brain hemispheres and allow them to work together in a balance that will lend itself to a broader outlook, which is known for wrestling the destructive nature of our ego into a more submissive state. Additionally, when we are in a prolonged period of Theta State brain wave activity, we can tap into the subconscious more easily, have better focus and concentration, have better ability to heal our body, increase our energy reserves, improve our problem solving, and learning ability as well as foster an overall sense of calmness.


The results of long-time meditation practice without the effort or discipline:

  • This elusive and very desirable brain wave rhythm is only really attainable a few different ways. Interestingly enough, we all experienced a prolonged period of Theta Wave activity for the nine months we were in the womb. Additionally, we all pass through Theta Wave state on our way in and out of sleep; once right before we drift off to sleep and once right before we awake in the morning. The only other real way of obtaining this beneficial brain frequency is through meditation. The problem is meditation takes time and discipline to achieve sustainable results. Not everyone can experience a runner’s high after thirty minutes of jogging, some people will just get blisters and sore knees. If you are interested in meditation, and you want to experience the benefits of relaxing your mind but are unsure where to begin, then floating is perfect for you. Unlike traditional forms of meditation, floating is not a skill you need to learn and develop; the results come by just simply idling. If you already meditate, practicing traditional techniques such as visualisation inside the tank amplifies normal results tremendously. Floating can either become your form of meditation or enhance the techniques you already practice.



  • In summary, the deep relaxation we experience when floating brings homeostasis to our minds and bodies, synchronisation of our left and right brain hemispheres, harmony to our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, regulation of neurochemicals in the dispensary mechanisms of our hypothalamus, balance to the reflexive reactions of our evolutionary response systems, and symmetry of mental wakefulness and alertness triggered by our reticular activation systems. The benefits of floating appear to bring about the most timeless of interdependent concepts, the yin and the yang of our very beings which is why we introduced this wonderful Float Therapy at our facility.

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