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As a busy executive in a fast paced and demanding career, chronic stress and overwork can lead to fatigue and burnout, which will also lead to both physical and mental health problems. Escape to a luxurious space where privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed and where you can recharge and reconnect with yourself while free from life stress.

Our premier integrative retreat is set amidst lush nature with panoramic views of Pai’s majestic mountains in Mae Hong Son Province. Our world-class programme for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs offers a bespoke treatment plan for each client, using proven and innovative treatments designed to address and heal different levels of chronic stress.

Your personalised treatment will guide you to regain your physical and mental balance, as well as recovering from emotional exhaustion and rediscover your purpose.

Why Burnout Treatment?

Even though burnout and chronic stresses are commonly associated with exhaustion from work, they can be triggered by other routine activities like raising children, excessive household responsibilities, or even a lack of sleep. As a high-level executive in your company, you want to continue to be able to perform at a high level without being affected by all the stresses in your daily life. Then this is the ultimate burnout treatment for you where we help to resolve your life challenges and equip you with the necessary skillsets and mentality to continue to perform at the level you want.

Burnout drains your energy and prevents your body and mind from optimal, and healthy functioning. While a certain level of stress can be beneficial to your health, excessive long-term stress leads to burnout and may result in negative feelings of anger, resentment or depression.

180 BurnOut Retreat™ Programme

For executive-level professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, it is crucial to understand and recognise the signs before they become severe.

We also understand that it is not practical or possible for you to be away from your office or work for an extended period, which is why our innovative 180 BurnOut Retreat™ Programme provides effective recovery in a brief period of 7-14 days

Our professional and dedicated team will design and customise programmes around your requirements, allowing you to engage with your usual business in a stress-free environment and relaxing in your private luxury pool villa with on-demand services of a personal assistant.

You will also be introduced to our exclusive aftercare support (our 1-Degree-of-Change™) to ensure you to have a solid foundation of recovery and the ability to continue to maintain your peak performance and also be the best version you want to be after completing the treatment.

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