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A Simplistic Approach to Calm an Anxious Mind

A Simplistic Approach to Calm an Anxious Mind



In order to keep our ancestors alive, our brains have evolved over time to foster an internal trickle of unease. Little snippets of worry keep our minds scanning our inner and outer worlds of signs of trouble.

Due to the reoccurrence of watchfulness and unsettledness it is an automatic mindset that most people can forget that this mindset actually exists.

While the brain’s automatic setting of apprehensiveness is a great way to keep a monkey mindful of its predators, it is a fairly poor way for humans to actually live. This default setting contributes to depression and anxiety. It also has the ability to turn us away from the things that actually matter to us.

Our minds are fed constant inaccurate internal dialogue. Have you ever noticed your mind whispering in your mental ear that “you are not safe, you are surrounded by threats, and you can never afford to lower your guard”?

Usually when our mind wanders in the future we are overcome with fear and worry, when your mind goes into the past we tend to regret and resent. I encourage you to take a good look at when you are “right now”. By right now, I mean in this present moment. If your mind is feeding your mental ear this messages of discouragement. Look at this very moment and ask yourself these questions – “are you basically OK? Are you breathing? Is your heart beating?

At 180 Sanctuary, we coach our clients to access this fundamental sense of all-rightness throughout their daily lives. We encourage each client to stay in the present moment through a simple mindfulness practice. Once they have achieved this presence we then equip them with a skill set that allows them to notice that in this present moment they are actually OK.

Underneath all the distractions and activities that may bring feed into an anxious mind. It is important to actually become aware that we are still alive, we have awareness and that we are OK in this very second.

An incantation is a series of words that when said out loud can bring an amazing sense of calmness to our minds. Here are five words that make up an incantation that can be used at any time of the day – “I’m all right, right now.”

Whisper these five words whenever anxiety comes to your mind. Notice that while feeling all right, right now, you can still get things done and deal with everyday problems. Sometimes, of course, we really are not all right. Maybe something terrible had happened or your mind is extremely upset. Do everything that you can to ride out the storm. As soon as you notice that the core of your being is OK notice that you are actually all right, right now. Take shelter in knowing that once you aware that you are all right. You can whisper to yourself that “in this moment I am all right”.

Settling into this basic sense of okayness is a powerful way to build well-being and resources in your brain. It is a way of taking a stand for the truth.


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