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Why We Worry All the Time

Why We Worry All the Time



In this article I look into why some of us spend a good majority of the time worrying that other people do.

Worry is an emotion. It is an emotion that can strike up at any point in our lives. It can be at work, at dinner, when we are with company or when we are alone. It can happen at any time!

One of the key ways to calm worried thoughts is by looking at each anxiety and finding a solution to it. For us to understand where worry comes from we need to look at the bigger picture. We need to consider the overall positions that worry plays in our lives. Usually worry springs up from past events. The fear or something happening has, in fact, already happened.

Where does worry come from?


The act of worrying usually stems from fixating on an idea of what has yet to come. I encourage our clients at 180 Sanctuary to look at their fears of the future originating from their past. In other words, worrying can come from traumatic events from someone’s child hood that was never resolved.


One of our clients spoke of a worry that their current partner is planning to leave. I lightly challenged her to look at the facts and we eventually uncovered that her partner never showed signs of being a disloyal husband. One of our therapists looked into her past and it was a breakthrough when she processed the traumatic event of someone she cared for (when she was young and vulnerable) abandoning her.

What she told me toward the end of her treatment was that she found peace in the fact that she understands where her worrying was coming from – her childhood and the fact that she was able to process it.

How to move on from worry

Once this client was able to locate the source of her anxieties she was able to replace worry with reflection. She was able to recover from her traumatic situations as a child by reaching out and seeking help. One of the most important things she identified was the she was no longer and child and she understood her fears and her previous response to them.

One of the key takings I took away from this successful client story was that we will all still be worried a substantial portion of the time. But the fact that she was less fragile and had fewer burning convictions was a great experience to witness.


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