How 180 Sanctuary Started in Thailand



180 Sanctuary is the premier integrative trauma and behavioral health rehab and wellness retreat centre situated at Puripai Villa in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. It all started when our 2 founders Anya and Tony met with Puri Hiranprueck, a Thai famous-actor-producer-turned-successful-entrepreneur. With more than a decade of direct experience in mental and behavioural health care specialising in trauma and PTSD Anya and Tony have, Puri Hiranprueck's Puripai Villa luxurious resort played a significant role in the launch of 180 Sanctuary as the perfect facility and location to launch the innovative 180-Changes Approach™ treatment model.

While our founder Tony has been actively involved in many successful rehab centres situated across Thailand, our co-founder Anya possesses with her 2 decades of experience as a trainer, consultant, and group facilitator in the corporate world as well mentoring and coaching individuals. Their collaboration with Puri Hiranprueck, whose expertise in top-end accommodation management is without a question, has proven to be the key in establishing 180 Sanctuary as the absolute place for a treatment facility dedicating to treating trauma and mental health disorders.

With the vision and experiences of the trio, we at 180 Sanctuary see ourselves as the Asia’s leading integrative trauma and psychological wellness retreat centre where our devoted and world-class team of therapists strive to ensure the correct balance among relaxation, work, rehabilitation, and wellness for our clients to rediscover their better self and relive their better life.

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