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Find Peace at Thailand’s Premier Phobia Retreat



As the premier trauma-informed phobia retreat centre, our advance and holistic phobia treatment programme uses a combination of evidence-based therapies that address the root issues and underlying effects of the causes of your phobia, and allows you to find your way back to your inner peace.

Set in an immersive facility on a serene private site amidst the beauty of Pai’s lush mountains in Mae Hong Son province, 180 Sanctuary is where you will find life-transforming experiences and lifelong positive change.

Why Phobia Treatment?

Phobia is often incorrectly considered as irrational or erratic reaction by those who don’t understand. While it is triggered by traumatic incidents, phobia is a severe pattern of extreme fear and avoidance of persons, animals, objects or situations. Experiencing or even thinking or talking about what triggers your phobia may lead to severe anxiety or panic attacks, and may also result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While some phobia and related mental illness can be treated with basic behavioural conditioning, we understand the struggle of fully recovering from your phobia can be challenging. Which is the reason why 180 Sanctuary has specifically designed and facilitate a personalised treatment programme for you.

180 Sanctuary Phobia Treatment Programme

Our innovative phobia treatment programme is designed to reduce the amount of negative responses and anxiety you feel when encountering events or the object of phobia with a combination of medical support from nursing team and our team of certified therapists and coaches plus our unique therapy techniques, you will improve your self-control and emotion management relating to the root cause of your phobia. Once your symptoms have improved, you will learn how to reduce life-limiting behaviours caused by your original phobia. Our dedicated team will also continue to work with you post-programme through our exclusive aftercare support (1-Degree-of-Change™) to ensure lasting positive transformation of your mental and physical wellness.

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