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180 Sanctuary, the premier integrative trauma-informed residential rehab and wellness retreat is the perfect place to address your addiction and ensure your recovery. Our residential programme offers the highest quality of evidence-based care as well as 24/7 support from our professional team of certified therapists and coaches.

 Set in the secluded and tranquil natural beauty of Pai in in Mae Hong Son Province, northern Thailand, our residential retreat gives you the opportunity to get away from it all and focus on your recovery while immersed in a beautiful natural environment. Our dedicated team will work with you throughout the programme to ensure you to regain stability while addressing your physical, psychological, and even spiritual needs, also to restore your mind and body to a healthy state.

Benefits & Results of Addiction Recovery Programme

Through the 180 Sanctuary’s addiction recovery programme, you will understand the mechanisms of addiction and how to reconnect with yourself and regain control of your life once again. This includes therapy, coaching, learning, and recovery activities as well as healthy-yet-delicious meals, and personal relaxing time.

Our comprehensive recovery programme has four major advantages:

1) 24-hour Monitoring and Support

To ensure your comfort and safety during the sensitive recovery phase, you will be monitored, supervised, and supported 24/7 by our team of dedicated therapists, coaches, and medical professionals.

2) The Chance to Focus on Recovery in a Healing Atmosphere

Our residential recovery approach offers you the chance to leave the stresses and obligations of your everyday life behind. Away from what triggers your addictions, the serenity and beauty of nature provides an optimal healing environment. We also provide nutritional counselling, personalised fitness training, individual counselling, and life coaching in a comfortable luxurious retreat, to keep you safe and sound from the causes of your original physical, mental and emotional damage.

3) Supportive Community

You will never feel alone or left behind as our treatment centre is fully staffed with certified, compassionate and friendly professionals whose ultimate purpose is to support and empower you to recover. You may also establish meaningful friendships with other clients in our facility: often these friendships can last a lifetime, long after you complete your programme.

4) World-class treatment and support team

With our decades of experience in the addiction recovery and mental health field, we understand your needs in this healing process. All of our staff are specifically selected for their excellent interpersonal skills and significant relevant experience

While 180 Sanctuary’s evidence-based addiction recovery programme offers a residential treatment approach, our programme focuses mainly on rehabilitation. If you consider yourself in need of detoxification or progressive pharmacotherapy, we would like to speak with you as we do not provide medication-assisted treatment. We would like to help you to receive appropriate medical and psychological help prior to admission for rehabilitation treatment at our centre. It is essential to consult with our admissions team for more details about this before starting addiction recovery treatment.

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