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180 Sanctuary Awarded Retreat and Rehabilitation Center of the Year

180 Sanctuary Awarded Retreat and Rehabilitation Center of the Year




We are delighted and honored to share with you the news that 180 Sanctuary has won the Retreat and Rehabilitation Center of the year award. We did it!

180 Sanctuary has been chosen by The Corporate Livewire Thailand Prestige Awards as the 2021/2022 winner. This purpose of this award is to recognize small to medium sized businesses who have excelled in the previous 12 months. The winner is determined based on a number of factors including client feedback, team performance, ethical practice, academic accreditation, and international recognition. 

The judges of the UK Prestige Awards were particularly impressed by:

  • Our world class programs for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, OCD, depression, insomnia, and other mental health issues. 
  • Our focus on helping clients overcome their problems through our dedicated psychological treatment programs without having to rely on medications. 
  • The comprehensive training and academic qualifications of the 180 Sanctuary clinical team. 
  • The fact that we put so much effort into getting the balance right in our programs in regards to work, relaxation, wellness, and rehabilitation.
  • Our willingness to include experimental treatments alongside traditional treatments. 
  • The high standard of our hospitality and accommodation. 
  • The private and tranquil environment of our facility. 
  • The fact that our team is so dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and aspirations. 

We have worked hard to make 180 Sanctuary the best rehab in Southeast Asia, so it is gratifying to have this recognized with an award within a short span of our operation. Our brand is relatively new, but the founders of our retreat center have decades of experience behind them. This means we were able to impress the judges by our ability to provide a service that was such a perfect fit for our clients. 

Since the beginning, we’ve had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve with 180 Sanctuary and where we wanted to go with our retreat center. We recognized that there is gap in the market when it comes to providing effective trauma treatment, and we wanted to fill that gap with something game-changing. It was also our intention from the start to focus on wellness and well-being – this has led to initiatives such as our 7-day holistic wellness program and 180 mental wellness program. We believe that it was all of this that helped us clinch the Thailand Prestige Award for Retreat and Rehabilitation Centre of the Year.

“Using a combination of experimental and traditional treatments, the world class facility is committed to overcoming any and all of their client’s mental health obstacles.”
Judges’ remarks - Singapore Prestige_Series

We must also attribute the success of our award-winning facility to our wonderful clients. This is a recognition of them too. They have done so much to spread the word about our programs and retreat center. It means so much to us to when they leave reviews recommending 180 Sanctuary to others in need. 

Don’t worry. We are not going to allow this award to go to our heads. There is always more work to be done. The team at 180 Sanctuary will press ahead to provide with the highest quality rehabilitation and wellness programs available anywhere.  

We would like to thank the Prestige_Series judges for honoring us this way. Special thanks also to our clients old and new who continue to support us. 

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