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1-Degree of change Online Therapy

180 Sanctuary Virtual Rehab Programme



180 Sanctuary offers a unique and effective aftercare treatment for anyone who has completed primary treatment and needs a strong follow-up system to ensure their recovery is intact and guided. We understand the challenges faced by many who completed primary treatment and reality of returning to their home can be taunting for many. Our unique aftercare system is known as 1-Degree-of-Change, specifically designed for those who needs a steady and strong support during their early of recovery from addiction, mental health and trauma issues. This aftercare programme is only $500USD/month which consists of 1 weekly counseling session, 1 coaching session every fortnight, access to private Facebook group which is for members who has enroll in the 1-Degree-of-Change programme which client will be granted online support through our private Facebook care group, weekly psycho-education sessions, recovery-skill training session, online TRE sessions, online fitness programme and the latest update on recovery matters. We make the aftercare support affordable as we realize the importance of it. Most importance, this aftercare programme is led by our psychologists and psychotherapists. This aftercare is also open to those who has completed treatment at other rehabs as well. Membership is based on enrolment and will be cancelled if clients didn't continue payment. Contact us at for more details.

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