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1-Degree-of-Change Virtual Rehab Programme

180 Sanctuary Virtual Rehab Programme



180 Sanctuary is excited to announce the launch of teletherapy “1-Degree-of-Change” which is the online delivery of therapy and coaching services via Zoom video conferencing. Teletherapy, also known as online therapy, is therapy delivered through a virtual platform via a computer.

This virtual rehab is a community project brought to you by 180 Sanctuary and our sponsors who believe in reaching out and giving back to the community. It is our philosophy in reaching out to the community and contribute in the ways we do best which is through treatment.

We developed our online platform for a simple reason. We recognise that not everyone is willing or able to travel for therapy, especially during this period of pandemic. Although, and we felt for those, there were no credible alternatives to face to face treatment.

As a result, we created what we believe to be the most comprehensive virtual recovery solution in the world and the only one to take clients through their recovery. This means clients can now access 1-Degree-of-Change Virtual Rehab Programme with proven expertise from the comfort of their own homes. The best part is we are offering it free (conditions apply), as assessment is needed with our clinical psychologist or a clinical staff member. This is what you get with our unique 1-Degree-of-Change Programme:

  1. 2X assessment with psychologist (valued at US$500)
  2. 2X sessions with holistic wellness coach (valued at US$300)
  3. 2X sessions with psychotherapist (valued at US$400)


15 hours of therapeutic workshops weekly (Valued at US$1500/week):

  • Virtual Rehab Weekly Yoga Class
  • Virtual Rehab Weekly Art Therapy
  • Virtual Rehab Weekly Sound Therapy
  • 1X weekly TRE
  • 2X weekly yoga class
  • 2X weekly art therapy
  • 2X weekly fitness
  • 2X weekly holistic wellness workshop
  • 1X weekly nutrition workshop
  • 1X weekly sound therapy
  • 2X weekly mindfulness workshop
  • 2X weekly NLP workshop


Total value is US$4200 for 2 weeks free virtual rehab. This unique virtual rehab programme is for anyone who struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, low self-esteem, burnout etc. Contact us at for assessment. Conditions apply for those who qualified as we want to make sure that this programme is for those who need it, so we need the participants to engage 100%.

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