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At 180 Sanctuary, our mental wellness programme lets you enjoy professional therapy in the privacy of a luxurious retreat, as well as social activities both in-house and out in the friendly community nearby. Our residential trauma-informed rehab retreat is situated on a secluded-yet-beautiful site overlooking the breathtaking view of Pai’s mountains in northern Thailand. Our facility is designed to be the best evidence-based mental health treatment centre; not a cold clinical environment, allowing you to feel free in the beautiful natural environment, and also get the support you require to recover from mental illness or other related symptoms.

You will always feel at home during your recovery, with 24/7 full support from medical team on site. You will also learn how to acquire recovery skills necessary to stay mentally healthy and to create lifelong positive transformation for your mental wellness.

Benefits & Results of Mental Wellness Workshop

At 180 Sanctuary, we treat every client with respect and as a whole person. You will not be defined by your mental conditions, but as an adult in need of support and empathy to get well. Our evidence-based mental wellness programme and coaching programme ensures you to receive an effective combination of therapies that help you to make positive changes in every aspect of your life starting with your treatment at 180 Sanctuary. Furthermore to enhance your healthy living, we equip you with individual education and counselling by our counselling team and nutrition and wellness coaches, (how to prepare healthy meals, how to engage in physical fitness activities such as yoga or team sports on a daily basis). Upon completion of our mental wellness programme, you may also choose to join our complementary Healthy Challenge programme which is designed to help you continue to experience positive physical and mental changes to achieve your best health.

We also offer a mental wellness coaching certification course to equip you with the complete understanding and knowledge of the importance of mental health care, and the skill sets required to prevent relapse and regain the healthy life you have been longing for.

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